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The main driver’s documents necessary for driving vehicles are prescribed in the Rules of the road. It would seem that there should not be questions here. And yet there is one point – we are talking about a waybill

If the car is registered to an individual, then no one will require a waybill. And if the owner is a legal entity, or, in simple terms, the car is registered with the company? This is where disputes with servicemen on the road begin.

For whom

The need to present a waybill in “established cases” is prescribed in clause 2.1.1 of the SDA. Most traffic police inspectors do not know what kind of cases these are, and require a waybill from all drivers who drive “state-owned” cars. And if there are no “tickets”, they demand a fine.

It is illegal. Consider the very “established case”. Article 6 of the Federal Law (“Charter of Road Transport and Urban Electric Land Transport”) establishes a ban on the transport of passengers and baggage, goods by buses, trolleybuses, cars, trucks without issuing a waybill.

It should be noted that any user of public transport or a commercial flight becomes a passenger. And luggage – things of the passenger. Everything is clear with the cargo too, it is a special material object accepted for transportation from one point to another.

Well and the most important thing. Here we are talking about professional passenger and cargo transportation, which are a means of making money. Therefore, even if you have a company car that you drive on business, you do not need to have any waybill.

For what

In general, a “ticket” is a kind of reporting tool. It allows the driver to report to the organization for the money spent on fuel. And organizations – reduce the tax base.

If you already need a waybill (say, you work in a taxi service, your company transports goods or passengers, delivers goods), then you need to know some points.

First of all, there is no single standard form for the design of waybills. In principle, each organization can make its own “voucher” option. However, the order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation “On the approval of mandatory details and the procedure for filling out travel sheets” lists information that should be included in any case. In particular, this is the name and number of the document (waybill), its validity, information about the owner of the vehicle, information about the vehicle itself and, of course, about the driver.

It is also important to know that when transporting goods or passengers, pre-trip technical inspection is required. This should be done by a person authorized by the head of the organization (for example, the garage manager or the head of the transport department).

As for the medical examination of the driver (both pre-trip and post-trip), the following should be noted. Such a mark should be included in the waybill only if the driver carries passengers or dangerous goods. As you already understood, a mark in the waybill is put by a medical worker with whom the organization has an agreement.

It is worth paying attention to the validity of the waybill. Until March 1, 2019, it could be issued immediately for a month. Now it’s more difficult. The fact is that the requirements of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation indicate that a “ticket” is issued for one day if the duration of the flight fits on that same day or several flights are performed per day. And only if the duration of the flight exceeds 24 hours, the waybill is issued before the start of the flight and closes at the end of the flight. For example, a truck driver is about to deliver cargo from Moscow to Vladivostok and come back. Despite the fact that he will spend, say, three weeks on the road, there will be one “ticket”.

I hope now you have figured out when you need a waybill, and when not. And you know what exactly should be in this document. And finally, information about responsibility. The penalty for the lack of a waybill in accordance with Part 2 of Article 12.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses is 500 rubles.

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