Wings and shrimps under the hood: Ford showed how to use Mach-E at a party (video)


All motorists know that when replacing an internal combustion engine with an electric motor, the engine compartment is almost completely freed up in the car, forming another trunk. In this regard, with the release of Mach-E, Ford decided to once again publicize it, focusing precisely on this niche in the nose of the crossover.

The idea is that Ford falls asleep in the front trunk and, having placed an electric crossover at the place of the party, people can approach it and take cool drinks from it. However, the company did not stop there. The next part of the video was shrimp and sauce, laid out on crumbled ice in the same front trunk of the Mach-E crossover. Think it all? Not at all. The final and most juicy variation is the use of this space to supply hot wings, which, according to the company, will fit up to 1000 pieces in the compartment.

Just imagine, now going to a picnic you don’t have to pickle meat and take a barbecue with you. It is enough to order a dozen servings of wings and legs in one of the popular restaurants, pour them into the front trunk and just hang out near the car, turning on pleasant music. What can I say, watch the video and see for yourself.