Why electric cars remain jaws of the rear


Cars powered by electricity in the Ukrainian market appeared not so long ago, but gained considerable popularity. Their main indisputable advantages are environmentally friendly work, as well as fuel economy. But is everything so smooth? Let’s see why the purchase of an electric car is not the most profitable solution and what future is predicted for this car?

Few people know that traveling by electric car can be not a vacation, but a real problem. The thing is that electric cars require frequent recharging, especially in winter. In 2014, the active installation of stations for recharging cars began in Ukraine, however, it is not clear what to do if you are stuck on an uninhabited stretch of road, where there is not a single opportunity to recharge. In addition, not every driver has the opportunity to “feed” the car regularly, especially if he lives in a big city, in the bustle. But do not despair! Making travel easy – easy!

Hybrid Benefits

Buying a hybrid car from the USA is suitable for those who want to drive economically, efficiently and, most importantly, for a long time. Hybrids are a combination of two power units – an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. It is believed that hybrid cars use fuel 15-50% less than diesel and gasoline. At the same time, the probability that the driver will be in the middle of the road due to a discharged engine is reduced to zero. It is believed that very soon hybrid cars will become advanced and will almost completely replace electric cars from the car market.

In addition to the fact that the number of atmospheric emissions when driving a hybrid is reduced, this type of vehicle is much easier to control, due to the low center of gravity. Hybrids also gently start, gain and slow down. If suddenly you plan to travel in the regions where frost prevails, you can safely choose this type of car. Driving in winter does not cause any discomfort. The electric motor installed in the hybrid car is much more powerful than the usual starter, so even at the lowest temperatures you can reach your destination, which cannot be done on an electric car.

Hybrid car – the choice of the future

Today, automotive designers distinguish five main types of hybrid cars. Among them:

  • consecutive;
  • parallel;
  • rechargeable
  • soft
  • complete.

They all differ among themselves in the way of driving into motion. You can choose the one that suits you best by visiting America Motors. Hybrids do not need particularly powerful electric motors and other expensive electronics, since an internal combustion engine can easily replace these elements. In addition, the hybrid you bought will help save on fuel during a constant load! So, while driving, for example, on the highway, the battery of your car will be charged independently, working at maximum efficiency.

In Europe, not so long ago, hybrid cars stood behind diesel cars, but today the opposite is true. With visible advantages, every day they only make their way to the top of the car market, improving their technology. Buying a car from the USA is much more profitable than choosing it in the Ukrainian market.

America Motors is happy to pick up, deliver the most exclusive car from the USA! At the same time, it will facilitate full documentary support during customs clearance and certification.