What to do if the headlights go out at night, but you need to go & nbsp


Experts of Avtovzglyad told motorists what to do when the headlights of a car go out on the road at night. In this case, it would be nice to have flashlights in the passenger compartment.
Experts remind that according to the SDA, traffic on roads without lighting turned on is 500 rubles. If a motorist turns off headlights by surprise, it is necessary to turn on all the other available lighting devices: dimensions, foglights, etc.
In this case, you must carefully drive in the far right lane with the alarm on. If none of the above devices works, an ordinary flashlight will help mark the car on the road: you need to attach it to the hood, bumper or grille. In extreme cases, it can be handed to a passenger sitting in the front seat.
In this case, it is best to place an emergency stop sign under the rear window so that it glare under the headlights of cars driving behind, which can prevent a possible collision. At the same time, experts advise moving to the destination following slow-moving vehicles in order to avoid going into the oncoming lane.
In difficult situations, for example, when the route is deserted, experts advise not to take risks and wait for the daylight hours or the arrival of the evacuation service.
Earlier, as Rambler reported, car experts told which of the drivers in the daytime could not turn on the dipped headlights. We are talking about the owners of expensive cars that are equipped with daytime running lights (DRL) – the so-called “cilia”. They began to be installed on cars from the beginning of the 2000s and, according to experts, DRLs are not inferior in brightness to the dipped headlights, therefore they were fixed by law.
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