What do we not know about the clearly underrated Italian “heel”? – Test drive – Motor


And we are already silent about Largus at a merciless price of 477,000 rubles. No matter how class-1B characters tried to ignore him as a competitor, he burned the whole clearing without leaving a single stump. This is, you know, slash farming, which leaves no chance for anything more alive, if anyone remembers the school curriculum on history. And if in this country you need to take something for printing, confectionery, shirts and jackets to dry-cleaners, flowers at points of sale, etc., then 95% of entrepreneurs will do it on a car cheaper than half a million rubles, whether it’s a car, even a hundred times smaller, absurd, uncomfortable and worse than Largus. Which, by the way, is still “nothing so” …

Reliable fact No. 3 – efficient car

Perhaps it’s time for us to stop casting out, calling compact passenger cars “heels”? In the end, this nickname stuck only to the great but terrible Izh-2715, which was virtually unchanged by the Izhevsk Automobile Plant for almost 30 years – from 1972 to 2001. Because of this, it may seem to many that the car of the “MPV-shnyh” articles is, by definition, good for nothing, both in terms of driving and in terms of design with ergonomics. Not at all, it may even be interesting to drive a van, which Fiat Doblo willingly demonstrates.


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