What do Pontys lead to: the guy crashed Mustang Shelby’s father (video)


Ford Mustang has one not very good feature: they are often broken, trying to create an impression on other people. Usually, drivers try to beautifully put the rear-wheel drive car sideways, which leads to uncontrolled skidding and a wrecked car.

Although the latest incident is not related to the situations described above, it is undoubtedly worth special attention. As it turned out, the brand new Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 can also be broken in the garage. This was confirmed by the hero of our video, who decided to show off in front of his friends by taking his father’s car. It so happened that all 526 hp the V8 engine is transmitted to the wheels in this car through a 6-speed manual gearbox, and the guy does not seem to have taken this into account. A few seconds after starting the engine, Mustang stumbled and rode into the wall in front of him. Looking at the situation from the side, we can assume that the car was in the garage in the gear engaged, and to start the engine on such machines, you need to squeeze the clutch. The guy coped with the last task without any problems and, as soon as a characteristic roar came from the exhaust system, he decided that holding the pedal no longer made sense. Ford didn’t forgive such a mistake …

The young man immediately jumped out of the car and began to jump around her with the words “I’am dead”, which literally means “I’m dead”. Why he decided to get this beast in the garage if the Mustang was backed up by another car is unknown. However, one thing is clear from the video: someone today will get a good cap for their tricks.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling that the cost of such a Shelby GT350 starts at $ 73,000. Let’s hope that the boy will survive this day and his father will be more accommodating than he imagines.