What cars will become cheaper in January 2020? & Nbsp


Many auto brands represented in the Russian car market have already announced their intention to raise prices due to higher rates for recycling fees. But at least one company is going to lower prices.
We are talking about the Czech car brand Skoda. Literally from the first day of next month, models will become cheaper in the Russian car market:
  • Octavia – at 192,400 rubles;
  • Rapid – 133,100 rubles;
  • Superb – by 215,000 rubles;
  • Kodiak – for 235,800 rubles.
In January, motorists will be able to purchase a new car under the “trade-in” program. The benefit can be up to 130,000 rubles.
In addition, the automaker, as part of the New Year campaign, offers profitable car loans from 3% per annum on the Octavia and Kodiak models.
It is difficult to catch an unenlightened person all the subtleties of marketing art. But when domestic auto brands just do that they increase prices, the decline in prices for imported goods is a little alarming.
I would not want to allow thoughts about a “full sale” and withdrawal from the Russian market.
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