Volkswagen will surprise and capture the market


20 Dec 2019

In 2020, Volkswagen will release more than 30 models. Of these, twelve will be crossovers.

As part of the Volkswagen Digital Brand Transformation Roadmap, the group will invest € 19 billion in future technology and electrification. In 2020, the brand will launch 34 new models, including twelve crossovers, as well as eight hybrids and battery cars. An interesting fact, Volkswagen notes that 2019 was rich in premieres, and all new models were warmly received by customers.

In addition, from January 2020, Volkswagen software business has become a separate company. Car.Software will develop software for automobiles and create online services so that by 2025 the share of proprietary software in the brand portfolio will increase from ten to 60 percent. The restructuring of key business lines will continue, including cost reduction.

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