Volkswagen will kill the Passat family


7 Feb 2020

Author photo: manufacturing company

While we are talking about a model for the American market, but it is possible that a similar fate will befall the European version of the Passat.

Johan Di Nyssen, VW US Operations Director, told Roadshow that the Passat, according to the concern’s strategy, had a limited life cycle originally planned. “Perhaps this is a reasonable assumption, when the current Passat reaches the end of its cycle, its successor probably will not have an internal combustion engine,” said Di Nyssen.

Most likely, over time, the Passat will be replaced by a certain electric car from the ID family. For example, it may be the serial version of the ID Vizzion concept: at the premiere stage, it just bore the status of the prototype of the electric sedan of the future. Recall that the Volkswagen Passat is rightfully considered one of the market centenarians: the first copies of the Passat entered the market back in 1973.

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