Volkswagen Transporter joins the sport


eleven Feb 2020

Photo by: manufacturer

Minibus VW T6.1 of the current generation after the upgrade from ABT will be able to carry its passengers a little faster than before, and now it looks much more spectacular

Using the Power Performance Upgrade tuning package, a standard diesel engine increases power from 150 hp. and 340 Nm of torque up to 180 hp and 400 Nm, and a more powerful version instead of 199 hp and 450 Nm “from the factory” after the upgrade develops already 226 hp and 490 Nm. How much improved dynamic characteristics, not yet reported.

In addition, ABT developed a new aerodynamic “suit” for the model. It includes a redesigned front bumper, a modified radiator grill, door sills for both versions of the Transporter’s wheelbase, a rear bumper trim with four exhaust mufflers, and even a small rear wing. In addition, the tuners will change the minibus into new wheels on 19 or even 20 inches.

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