Volkswagen is preparing a budget compact hatchback with a small power reserve


More recently, VW shared their plans for the future: the concern intends to spend 11 billion euros by 2024 on the development of electric cars. With the help of the ID line, the company wants to make “outlet” cars accessible to different segments of the population, and for this it is necessary to make them cheaper. The first representative of the new family – an electric hatchback ID.3 – was introduced this year. In the future, another “hatch” will enter the market. It is expected that the concept of the future news will be presented next year.




VW showed a sketch of the new hatchback on a Christmas card, which depicts Santa Claus sitting behind the wheel of a compact “one-compartment” (only his silhouette is visible with a large windshield, brand logo on the tailgate and a line of tail lights that runs through the stern). Image posted by British Autocar. It is assumed that the design-sketch of the future entry-level hatchback, its working name ID, is depicted on the card. Entry

In the photo: electric hatchback ID.3

If in the status of the concept the novelty will be shown in the second half of 2020, then the serial version of the “younger brother” ID.3 will most likely be presented in 2022. According to preliminary data, the electric car will be based on the “more economical” version of the MEB platform, this will reduce its cost. It is assumed that the novelty will be bought by people whose daily trips have a length of about 25 km. The use of a small battery of a relatively “modest” capacity will help reduce the final price (it has not yet been revealed). The power reserve of the compact “hatch” will be approximately 210-240 km. For comparison, the already presented Volkswagen ID.3 is capable of driving 330, 420 or 550 km on a single charge (the calculation was carried out according to the WLTP cycle). In this case, the electric car is equipped with batteries with a capacity of 45, 58 or 77 kWh, respectively.

The length of the new “outlet” hatchback will be approximately 3800 mm. The same size for ID.3 is 4261 mm (wheelbase – 2765 mm). Note, now the entry-level Volkswagen brand electric hatchback is a compact five-door e-up! Its length is 3600 mm, and the distance between the axles is 2417 mm.

Price tag for current VW e-up! in Germany, it will start from the mark of 21 975 euros (which is equivalent to 1.51 million rubles at the current rate). The initial cost of ID.3 is about 30 thousand euros (2.07 million rubles). According to the publication, the minimum price of a new budget hatchback of the ID family will be approximately 20 thousand pounds (1.64 million rubles).

Note, the move with a holiday card in the form of a sketch of Volkswagen “cranks” is not the first time. Last year, the company congratulated everyone on the upcoming image of Santa, who was driving an ID.Buggy show car. The concept of an electric buggy was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in early March 2019.

Next year, the company intends to introduce 34 new products. Among them will be 12 representatives of the SUV segment, including the Nivus coupe-shaped crossover, as well as 8 electric vehicles. Of these, two models from the ID family, including the “rosette” SUV, created “based on” the ID Crozz show car.


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