US authorities say Tesla should rename Autopilot system


Edward John Markey, a member of the Senatorial Committee on Trade, Science and Transport, carefully studied the operation of the Autopilot complex and came to the conclusion that its name distorts the real capabilities and limitations of the system. Drivers rely too much on the work of assistant electronics, so they neglect the requirements specified in the instructions. The senator suggests renaming the Autopilot something more appropriate to its real functionality: the name should indicate the inability of the system to completely replace the person.

At the same time, Marki believes that Tesla needs to improve control over the actions of the driver. Electronics now monitors the pressure, the applied force and the frequency of receipt of this data, but it is easy to fool. The politician suggests using auxiliary systems that could track, for example, gaze or movements. Moreover, if one of them produced an error, the second would turn on. Thus, the driver would always be supervised.

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