Unusual ranking of the Romanian car market


DRPCIV data show that in April 9,272 new vehicles (cars and commercial vehicles) were registered in Romania, 76.9% more than in the similar month of 2020.

Data from the Driving Permits and Vehicle Registration Regime Directorate (DRPCIV), quoted by APIA, show that the car market grew major (76.9%) in April. Of the total number of new vehicle registrations, 6,862 were cars, an increase compared to April 2020, when they
4,321 units were registered, it is 58.8%.

Although the figures undoubtedly show an increase in sales, reporting on last year can be misleading. This is because the spring of 2020 was marked by a pandemic and the restrictions that imposed, in certain periods, including the closure of car showrooms. In this context, it is much more relevant to report the registrations from 2021 to those from 2019. As in April 2019 8,691 new cars entered circulation, it results that the market increased in April 2021 compared to April 2019 by 6.27%.

Despite the increase in April, the car market remains in total territory for the first four months. Thus, with 27,624 cars registered between January and April 2021, the car market is down by 14.48% compared to the same period in 2020 and by no less than 37.19% compared to the first four months of 2019.

Beyond the way of reporting the car market, it is worth noting that the Dacia brand, the absolute leader in our sales, sold 5,447 cars this year, down 38.3% compared to January-April 2020. The brand from the second place in the sales ranking, Skoda, with 2,461 units, is also decreasing (-11.4%). Instead, on the third and fourth eyes there are two brands in full swing. Thus, the 2,372 Toyota cars registered this year correspond to an increase of 39%, and the 2,365 Ford units an increase of 37%. In fifth place is Hyundai with 2,224 units.

As can be seen, important brands such as Volkswagen, Renault, Opel or Peugeot have disappeared from the Top 5 this year.

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