Unnecessary problems: what a pistol inserted into a tank before payment promises at a gas station & nbsp


Experts of the Avtovzglyad publication told readers why it is not necessary to insert a fueling gun into a tank at a gas station before paying for fuel.
According to experts, at some gas stations excessive haste can lead to trouble. Experts emphasize that the rules for refueling cars are spelled out at most gas stations: somewhere, they don’t recommend grabbing a gun before paying for fuel, at other gas stations, on the contrary, specially trained refuelers command the process.
Experienced drivers note that, ignoring the procedure for refueling a car, you can get into an awkward situation. So, inserting a gun into the tank before payment and going to the checkout, you can find that instead of the desired ten liters of fuel, fuel was poured into the tank to capacity.
It’s good if the driver has enough money to pay for an unplanned purchase. Otherwise, experts say, you will have to leave something as a deposit or write a debt receipt.
Earlier, as Rambler reported, the experts of Avtovzglyad explained who is responsible for smoking a passenger at a gas station. Experts emphasized that the penalty applies to a specific person who has violated the law. Therefore, if a passenger smokes, then he will have to pay, not the driver.
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