Unhappy with driving a man stepped on the road with a bow and arrow & nbsp


In Pasadena, California, USA, an angry driver threatened a woman driving her bow and her children. It is reported by Click2Houston.
The incident occurred when Amy Artech drove her daughters three and ten years old to the dentist and faced road works. The woman said that she had to slow down to go around the workers and not crash into the oncoming car, but the driver who was following her did not like it.

“He started to get angry because I drove slowly. I could not move either to the left or to the right, ”she said.

As soon as they went around the road works, the driver stopped near her van and began to threaten her, says Artech.

“I looked around, he lowered the glass, pointed his finger at me and said a phrase that I could read on my lips:“ I will kill you, ”the woman said.

Then, according to her, the man pulled out a bow, inserted an arrow into it and aimed it. Artech let him go, wrote down the number of his car, and called the police. The man was later detained.
Gabriel Cobo, 25, admitted to becoming a participant in a road conflict, but rejected threatening allegations. Kobo denied that he owned the bow, but the police found out that he threw the weapon into a garbage container nearby.
He was charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapons and was arrested.
As Rambler previously reported, the Australian escaped the arrow fired at him thanks to a smartphone. The man noticed a man with a bow near his house, decided to photograph him, and he shot an arrow at him. The arrow pierced through the smartphone, but its owner was not injured.
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