UK wants to kill cars early


5 Feb 2020

The ban on the sale of cars with ICE will begin to apply five years earlier than originally planned

According to the original plan, the innovation was supposed to work only in 2040, however, the date of entry into force of the ban was shifted by five years – by 2035. According to Minister of Transport Hrant Schapps, the previously launched program to promote green cars has already paid off. So, for example, in 2019, electric cars were sold in the country with a frequency of once every 15 minutes.

At the same time, all the wonderful words about environmental achievements are faced with severe opposition from automotive manufacturers. Thus, representatives of the independent Association of the Automotive Industry (SMMT) emphasized that sales of electric cars are “still at a low level,” and to solve this problem, “something more is required than investment by industry participants.” The associations believe that it is necessary to transform the market itself, however, “there is still no clarity on this issue,” and the infrastructure (including the network of charging stations) is not sufficiently developed.

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