UAZ “Loaf” is defeated: the British car of the 1950s is again in production


The British company Morgan announced the release of the “anniversary” series of the Plus 4 roadster – the 70th Anniversary Edition, which will end the era of sports cars on a steel chassis. The new brand models will use the CX-Generation aluminum platform from the Morgan Plus Six roadster. In total, they plan to make twenty special roadsters. Each of them already has an owner.

The cars of the special edition are distinguished by the special platinum color of the body and rims, the exclusive decor and the golden color of the frame, which the brand cars received for the first time in 111 years of its existence.

Morgan Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition equipped with Ford Duratec GDI 2.0 engine, boosted to 182 hp, against 156 hp in a conventional model. Together with the engine, a standard five-speed manual gearbox from Mazda is used, which transfers all the power of the unit to the rear axle. Due to the increased return of the unit, the acceleration time from standstill to 100 km / h was reduced by 0.3-0.4 seconds and took less than 7.0 seconds. Also, the special “fours” got a sports exhaust system Aero Rasing with black ceramic pipes.

Otherwise, Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition repeats the basic roadster, including a wooden body frame around the cabin. The interior is still decorated in retro style: the dashboard is trimmed with natural veneer, door cards in leather, and on the armrests there is embroidery. The equipment will include heated sports seats, highlighting in the niches for the legs, a glossy black Mota-Lita steering wheel, dark gray floor mats, a mohair hood cover and a commemorative photo.

The assembly of “anniversary” roadsters will begin in February, and the first deliveries to customers in April. In the UK, Morgan Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition was estimated at 61,995 pounds (72,550 euros).