Two wheels and an electric motor: Jeep is preparing another new product


Jeep expands its range of electric vehicles and no, this time the company is not an SUV at all. The other day, the automaker released a commercial with the Jeep Gladiator, in which the famous actor Bill Murray starred and, in it, the brand new E-Bike bike just appeared. The company even launched a special section on the site, in which you can already find the first characteristics.

According to SUV manufacturers, this model is quite powerful with a QuietKat powerplant. Specifically, this bike is equipped with a 750 W electric motor and a battery, providing a range of as much as 65 kilometers. It also features QuietKat Fire-Link suspension and four-piston hydraulic brakes. Jeep and QuietKat promise that this rugged E-Bike will be the perfect companion for Jeep.

We will find out more detailed specifications and price this spring, because by the beginning of summer the bike should already go on sale.