Two Mini hoods were painted by Adrian Mitu. Here are the works of art!


Art at the highest level: Adrian Mitu made unique paintings on two Mini hoods. These evoke the main landmarks in the history of the British brand.

Some news stories are more about the visual than the informative. This is also the case here, in which the artist Adrian Mitu brought to light the history of Mini in a unique interpretation.

They are the kind of works with a story behind them, like the masterpieces exhibited in the great art museums. Adrian painted on the “virgin” hoods, ready for painting. He used acrylic paints, emphasizing textures and shapes, like a painting on canvas. Then, the work of art was “sealed” with varnish. Thus, the hoods can be mounted without worries on cars.

Artwork on two hoods Mini

Two hoods with history

The first of the paintings he represents Sir Alec Issigonis, the Greek designer who drew the shapes of the first Mini, thus inventing the urban car: small, cheap, economical. On the right, behind Issigonis, are the representative models he created before the Mini: an amphibian, a competition car and a fighting vehicle. In front of him – his own sketches.

Artwork on two hoods Mini

The upper area, painted in gold, brings the money to the forefront. Mini was the ideal solution to the oil crisis. Also there is the Suez Canal, reminiscent of the Suez Crisis of 1956, when Britain, France and Israel invaded Egypt, and Syria sabotaged the trans-Arab oil pipelines and the one carrying oil to Western Europe.

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In the middle is Faraday’s cage, which makes the transition from the heat engine to the electric one and produces an explosion of light, from which Issigonis lights his cigarette.

The second picture stages Mini’s competitive life, watched by racing car designer John Cooper. It also gives the name of the Mini sports versions. He is an emblematic figure, because he made the first competition car with a rear engine.

Artwork on two hoods Mini

As in the first painting, behind the man is his work from before the Mini era. In the case of Cooper, the 500 cc cars that made him famous, including the one that Sir Stirling Moss competed in. The image in front of Cooper starts from the first victories in the Monte Carlo races, “flows” through the model that participated in Dakar and reaches, as in the first composition, the current Mini Electric.

On the sides of the lower area are two magnetic poles generated by the headlight frames in the hood. Magnetic powder particles are arranged radially around them, symbolizing the electric propulsion of the Mini Cooper S E.

Artwork on two hoods Mini

The two works were created in almost 3 months. You can admire them in the Mini showrooms in Bucharest. One will be exhibited at Auto Cobălcescu, on Splaiul Unirii no. 311, and the other at Automobile Bavaria, on the Bucharest-Ploiești 53A road.

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