Twenty years ago, they began to produce a Russian business sedan that never took off – Reading Room – Motor


And then, in 1998, the audience was presented only a showcar with plastic body panels – according to the sketches of Russian designers, an exhibition sample on the body frame of the Volga-3110 serial was made in the USA. A new Volga was created on the old rear-wheel drive platform under the leadership of the chief designer of GAZ cars Sergey Batyanov and the chief designer Igor Bezrodnykh.

At the turn of the millennium, experiments with retro appearance at the turn of the millennium were practiced not only by GAZ specialists, but also by the global auto giants – just remember, for example, Plymouth Prowler, Volkswagen New Beetle or Jaguar S-Type. And then, looking a few years ahead, the highly successful new Mini and the ever-alive Fiat 500 …

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