Tuners freshened up 22-year-old Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet


The main task of the tuner was to turn a 22-year-old convertible into a stylish modern car. According to the owner of the Bulgarian tuning studio Vilner Atanas Vilner, they managed to achieve this goal through the use of bold materials, textures and techniques.

The dashboard of the cabriolet tuners were trimmed with thin brown leather with a white-blue contrasting construction and decorated with an X-shaped embossment, like on a baseball glove. The same stamping on the central part of the steering wheel, door cards and seats. The interior is decorated with natural wood. Wooden inserts are on the door cards, front panel and center console. Made of wood and the upper part of a leather-wrapped steering wheel with a blue central marker borrowed from the world of motorsport. All standard plastic panels received a signature finish called Vilner Copper Rose. Bulgarian tuners first used this shade when finalizing the Datsun 280Z.

Also, the modernized 911 Carrera Cabriolet got a number of small decorative elements, including a nameplate with a customer name and number “01/01”, “PORSHCE BY VILNER” plates on the backs of the seats, and a metal “V” badge on the steering wheel. The same badge and name of the tuning studio decorated the grille of the “two-door”. How much the owner cost the new image of a convertible is not reported.