TsODD warned about the complication of the road situation in Moscow


TsODD asks drivers to be careful on the roads due to wet snow and sleet in Moscow

In Moscow, a serious deterioration in weather conditions is expected. Until 10 hours on January 22, wet snow will be falling in the capital, and ice will form on the roads. It is reported by the “Center for Traffic Management” (DPC). The department asked drivers to be extremely careful while driving.

“Bad weather and icy can negatively affect the traffic situation in the city. In conditions of poor visibility, the number of accidents may increase. We ask drivers to be extremely careful while driving: observe the high-speed mode, keep their distance and do not make sharp maneuvers, ”the agency said.

In addition, Moscow predicted a wind gain of 12-17 meters per second. In this situation, drivers should not leave their cars near trees and billboards. In turn, pedestrians should also be careful and cautious. They are recommended to go around trees and rickety structures.

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