Traffic Lights in Mumbai Learned to “Punish” Signaling Drivers


Indian Mumbai police are testing an unusual way to wean motorists at the crossroads. Traffic lights with noise sensors were installed on several of them: if the level goes off scale, then the waiting time for the green signal increases.

The system works as follows: if the sensor detects a noise level of more than 85 decibels, then the timer, which counts the time until the green signal, restarts again. Drivers, in turn, lose time in punishment for a meaningless “buzz”. “You signal more – you stand longer,” reads a warning on the digital display when approaching the intersection.


The experiment has been going on for several months and for such traffic lights they even came up with the name “punishing”. The system has established itself as effective, and now local authorities intend to expand its application. In the near future, “punishing” traffic lights will appear at ten more intersections, and later noise sensors will begin to be installed throughout the city.

Mumbai is one of the five busiest cities in the world – it ranks fourth in the ranking. The worst road conditions are found only in Bangalore (India), Manila (Philippines) and Bogota (Colombia). Moreover, Bangalore has already paid attention to the know-how of Mumbai and intend to try it out.

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