Toyota will build the city of the future in Japan & nbsp


Toyota Automobile Corporation of Japan will build the city of the future Woven City near the Mount Fuji, where artificial intelligence and new technologies will be tested. This was reported on the organization’s website.
Woven City is located 90 kilometers from Tokyo on an area of ​​71 hectares. The entire infrastructure of the city will be connected by a single ecosystem operating on hydrogen fuel cells. Scientists will live and work here – Woven City is called a living laboratory. They will be engaged in the study of artificial intelligence, smart homes and robotics.
The company plans to populate Woven City with its employees and their families, as well as older couples, retailers, scientists and industry partners – only about two thousand people. Construction of Woven City will begin in 2021.
The city will be as environmentally friendly as possible. Most houses will be built of wood, photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roofs of buildings to generate energy, and public spaces will be landscaped. To move residents around the city, vehicles exclusively with zero emissions are provided. There will also be separate streets for pedestrians and separate streets for vehicles in Woven City.
Earlier, a network of electronics stores DNS announced plans to build a city in the Far East in the region of the priority development area Nadezhdinskaya and the village of Novy.
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