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eleven Feb 2020

Photo by: manufacturer

The Japanese concern is organizing a certain premiere in the framework of the Daytona 500 race. In the official announcement, the American division of Toyota uses the phrase “exciting news”, but so far it is only known that they will be associated with Supra. Firstly, it is voiced directly, and secondly, in the announcement clip shows the front wheel of a sports car

According to some assumptions, we are talking about a new for the American market modification of a coupe with a two-liter engine, which was previously announced for sales in Europe. Some time ago, officials denied this possibility, but later there appeared some almost direct hints that the cheap Supra would still get to America. In addition, the two-liter engine has already passed certain certification procedures in the United States.

Recall that now only the modification with a three-liter six-cylinder turbo engine with a capacity of 340 hp is sold outside of Japan. However, in the home market, Toyota Supra is also equipped with a Bavarian 2-liter engine, which, depending on the modification, can develop from 197 to 258 hp. paired with the same eight-speed automatic.

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