Toyota goes into urban development


thirteen Jan 2020

Photo by: Toyota

The Japanese concern will build the city of the future at the foot of Fuji. The locality will be called “Woven City” (“Woven City”), which is a reference to the roots of the brand, which was originally engaged in the production of looms

The creation of the city provides for wide automation with centralized management of urban facilities, waste-free and a complete ban on personal transportation. There will be three types of streets: the widest avenues will be reserved for unmanned vehicles, standard streets – for electric scooters, bicycles and scooters. The rest of the roads will be purely pedestrian.

It is curious that the whole city will receive an autonomous energy system based on hydrogen fuel cells. In them, hydrogen will be converted into electricity by electrochemical reaction, and pure water will become a by-product. It is planned to get additional energy from solar panels installed on the roofs of houses.

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