To mix pedals in Toyota will no longer work


Probably with every driver at least once a situation happened when he, inadvertently, pressed the wrong pedal in the car, and in particular – on the gas, instead of the brake. An experienced driver will quickly cope with a similar situation, which, unfortunately, can not be said about the newcomer. Having accidentally mixed up the pedals, a person can simply get confused when the car starts to accelerate sharply instead of braking.

This can lead to serious consequences and therefore Toyota decided to completely eradicate the possibility of such a mistake. The new system works with Toyota’s modern technology called Intelligent Clearance Sonar, which helps quickly detect walls and other obstacles in the way when accelerating. Toyota engineers analyzed many cases when drivers accidentally pressed the wrong pedal and entered all the data into the ASF system. The technology considers three key areas: vehicle speed, as well as the speed and depth of pressing the gas pedal. If the ASF detects something bad, the technology begins to refuse to accelerate the driver.

Toyota also stated that it used a huge amount of data so that the technology worked as it should and did not “strangle” the car during rebuilding or overtaking. According to the company, the technology will first be introduced in Japan. New cars will be equipped with this system as standard, and it will also be available as an option for already purchased cars.