There was a photo of the Russian electric car “Monarch” & nbsp


December 27, the first photos of the layout of the Russian electric car “Monarch” appeared on Facebook, according “News”. The car has not yet been completed: it has no headlights and lights, the body is not painted.
Pictures of the electric car placed on the tow truck were posted by the user of the social network Ivan Ivanov. They depict a black car with no headlights. The car is a five-door sedan, in the cabin of which, according to the publication, four leather chairs are installed.
On December 24, according to Rambler, in Moscow there was a presentation of the new Russian electric car Monarch, at which the developers could not show the guests the layout of the car. They stated that the car was not delivered to the presentation due to logistics problems. Subsequently, journalists found out that entrepreneurs simply did not pay for the transportation of an electric car.
“Monarch” is planned to be put into mass production in 2021. It is assumed that domestic electric cars will be manufactured with batteries of various capacities: the power reserve will be enough for a distance of 350 to 500 km. Cars will be equipped with autopilot, air suspension and voice control. The estimated cost of one copy will fluctuate around 1.5 million rubles.
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