The traffic police reminds that it is now forbidden to ride without signs & nbsp


The traffic police gave an important clarification in connection with the entry into force on January 1 of the registration law. The department reminded that it is forbidden to drive a car registered in the traffic police without registration signs. And such a situation may arise precisely due to innovations in registration
On Monday, Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote about a legal conflict, as a result of which some happy buyers of new cars may be in an unpleasant situation. Literally in jeopardy.
Those motorists who register a car in a region in which they themselves are not registered may fall into such a situation.
In accordance with the new law, in this case, the traffic police will assign them a number with the region code for the place of residence and give out all the necessary documents. But they will not issue state registration marks.
The car owner is obliged to contact the manufacturer of these signs. And purchase the appropriate set of signs from him. But at the same time, the owner will not be able to use the purchased and registered car. After all, it is forbidden to drive a registered car without state signs. For this, part 2 of article 12.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses provides for a fine of 5 thousand rubles or deprivation of rights for a period of 1 to 3 months.
After registration, car owners will have to either throw their car near the traffic police or take it to the manufacturer of signs on a tow truck

“The State traffic inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia draws the attention of car owners to the need to manufacture state registration marks after assigning state registration numbers and the inadmissibility of driving a registered vehicle without installing state registration marks on it,” the statement says.

That is, in fact, the owner of the car who has fulfilled his obligation to register the car with the traffic police has another problem: to get to the place where he will make the sign.
Fortunately, in regional centers, manufacturers are usually based next to the registration units.
If you immediately draw the assigned number on paper and attach it to the car in the traffic police, this will be considered as driving a vehicle with a deliberately forged registration sign. A clear definition of what is considered a false sign was given by the Plenum of the Supreme Court in its decision.
For this, the deprivation of rights for a period of six months to a year is already threatened. So it’s better not to go anywhere without such signs. Those who are going to buy a new car should think in advance where they will register the car.
Responsibility for violation of registration rules occurs on the 11th day after buying a car. According to Part 1 of Article 19.22 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, a fine of one and a half to two thousand rubles is threatened for this. For driving an unregistered car in the same 10 days, liability is provided for in paragraph 1 of Article 12.1 of the Code of Administrative Offenses – a fine from 500 to 800 rubles. And for the re-control of an unregistered machine will have to answer in part 1.1 of the same article. And this is a fine of 5 thousand rubles or deprivation of rights for a period of one to three months.
Recall also that the new law made it possible for dealers to register a car in the traffic police on behalf of the owner. To do this, the dealer must be entered in the register of specialized organizations, which is maintained by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
But at the time of publication of this material, there was not a single organization in this register. That is, so far none of the dealers has received the right to register cars in the traffic police.
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