The Russians were offered to punish for twisting the mileage of cars & nbsp


In February, the State Duma is planning to discuss the introduction of fines for twisting mileage in used cars. This is written by Izvestia with reference to the Association of Russian Automobile Dealers (ROAD).
The ROAD believes that for Russians it is necessary to establish a fine in the amount of 300 thousand rubles to one million rubles. The deputy head of the State Transport and Construction Committee of the State Duma, Alexander Starovoitov, proposed introducing a more severe punishment – even criminal.

“It is clear that the problem has serious social significance from the point of view of traffic safety,” Starovoitov noted. He also explained that this issue will be discussed with the traffic police after the appearance of the text of the bill, which will be developed before the end of 2020.

According to ROAD, in Russia from 10 to 30 percent of cars from a total fleet of 50 million have adjusted mileage data. However, it is unrealistic to introduce responsibility for twisting the mileage counter, said Oleg Moiseev, head of the association.
Earlier it was reported that the Russians will be able to buy and sell cars through the portal of public services. Data on participants in the transaction will be automatically filled in the portal, which eliminates the need for a personal presence in the traffic police. It is also assumed that transactions will become safer and faster.
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