The rules for passing a driver’s test will change


24 Dec 2019

A number of innovations will begin to operate in January next year. However, the largest changes will occur only in the fall

According to Kommersant, the relevant document has already been signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. So one of the innovations will be the possibility of training on highways. The permitted age for obtaining the rights of a bus, trolleybus or tram also increases. From 2020, it will be possible to open the categories D, Tb, Tm from the age of 20 (now you can study from 16).

As for the fall, from October 2020 the traffic police will exclude the passing of exams for a driver’s license in closed areas. The ministry believes that this stage takes a lot of official time for the traffic police, in addition, it completely duplicates the exam, which is held at school. Actually, instead of the usual two-stage examination of the autumn candidates, a single practical test in the city will be waiting for, during which closed areas, streets and roads with low traffic will be used. In these territories, in a more generalized version, they will test the same skills that are now being tested on the site.

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