The road to the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana will be paid


14 Jan 2020

In Russia, they are going to introduce a fare on the highway from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana, where there are popular ski resorts

The Ministry of Transport explained that at the moment the issue of transferring the Adler – Krasnaya Polyana road to a paid mode has not yet been agreed. If the project receives a green light, a barrier-free free flow payment system (without barriers) will operate on the highway. At the same time, a full-fledged free alternative will be provided on the A-149 old direction.

It is reported that if implemented, the transfer of this route to a paid mode will take no more than two years from the moment the project is approved by the government of the Russian Federation. A few words were spoken regarding the free flow system. The government says that the main advantage of barrier-free VFR with free flow technology for drivers is the lack of the need to reduce speed and maneuver when paying for toll roads. In addition, the free flow system helps reduce construction costs.

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