The owner of the Formula 1 team will become one of the largest shareholders of Aston Martin

Aston Martin

In a statement, Aston Martin management admits that the decision to sell was made after the “disappointing financial results of 2019”. Attracting additional funds “will improve liquidity and reduce leverage”, that is, the ratio of borrowed and own capital of the company. The money allocated by the consortium will be spent on launching mass production of the DBX crossover.

Now the largest shareholders of Aston Martin are the Italian investment fund Investindustrial Advisors Ltd. (38.8 percent), Kuwaiti businessman Najib Al-Khumaidhi (10.7 percent) and Invesco Advisers, Inc. (9.18 percent). Daimler, which supplies Aston engines, owns a little over four percent of the shares. Among the contenders for a stake in Aston was the Chinese Geely, but, according to media reports, the company has “cooled off on this issue.”

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