The number of repaired regional routes for the year increased by 20% & nbsp


At the end of 2019, 27.6 thousand km of roads were repaired in Russia, while the indicators for repairing regional routes exceeded the data for 2018 by 20%.
In 2019, 27.6 thousand km of roads were repaired, including overhaul, almost 2 thousand km of public roads were commissioned, of which 543.3 km of federal roads. Thus, the length of federal highways amounted to 45.1 thousand km, or 84.5% of their total length, follows from a press release received by the newspaper VZGLYAD.
In addition, road workers exceeded the 2018 figures by 20% on regional routes. Almost 1.5 thousand km of regional roads were built and reconstructed, 15 thousand km were repaired. Also repaired more than 5 thousand km of the municipal road network.
By the end of the year, sections of roads with a total length of 388 km were commissioned. So, in November, the high-speed highway M-11 “Moscow – St. Petersburg” was commissioned. The total length of the highway was 669 km. In addition, the phased construction of the new high-speed highway M-12 Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan was launched. Already preparing documentation for the planning of the territory.
Also in 2019, a large amount of work was provided for by the national project “Safe and high-quality roads”. So, work on laying the upper layers of pavement was practically completed: 126.8 million square meters were laid. meters out of 127.3 million (99.57%).
In addition, in 2019, the plan for installing photo and video recording cameras for traffic violations was exceeded by 20%: with the planned 9 thousand 49, 12 thousand 485 such cameras were installed.
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