The new Toyota Supra has challenged the old with a 2jz engine (video)


Exactly from the moment the new Supra 2020 entered the market, the forums of fans of this car began to literally burst from negative comments. Toyota took as its basis the BMW Z4, changing only its appearance for its model. Supra used to be loved for its unsurpassed Japanese style and character, which the new model lacks. But maybe she still has a chance?

In order to find out the relationship between the two generations once and for all, they were taken to a race track, where they fought in a drag battle of 402 meters. If we talk about the charged versions of the old car with its unsurpassed 3.0-liter supercharged engine, then the new Supra would have no chance. The thing is that the tuning potential of this motor is so great that it simply has no boundaries, which can not be said about the new modification. But for the purity of the experiment, it was found that the standard 1998 Supra A80 was released.

Like it or not, but in this battle there could be only one winner and, unfortunately, the outcome of the race was a foregone conclusion even before the release of the track. We will not tell you exactly how it all ended, so that you can fully enjoy the race with the preserved intrigue. Watch the video, this battle of ages looks quite exciting.