The most driving Instagram profile for your car company


Do you know how Instagram differs from ordinary life? Acceleration to hundreds of km / h – this is much less than a second. Information is spreading fast. But company profiles are not what Instagram wants to spread quickly. Company profiles are not people for whom social networks were invented. Companies need to make an effort to revitalize their accounts.

Another interesting side of the issue: it is noted that the social network intends to “cut the reach” so that users buy more advertising. Accordingly, the conclusions are simple. A drive account needs more liveliness, creativity and promotion money.

Every day I advise company owners, marketing departments, specialized specialists and people who want to develop personal profiles in networks. Especially for the publication, I identified several key points without which the Instagram of the company will not develop. When they ask me if there are any fundamental differences in maintaining and promoting profiles in different areas, I am inclined to one answer. There are fundamental basic norms, without which it is impossible to imagine the maintenance and development of any accounts:

  1. Legality of actions within the rules of Instagram and the country
  2. High-quality visual content created specifically for Instagram brand
  3. Intriguing, informative, capacious, useful texts
  4. Regularity, creativity, ethics of conduct
  5. Having a promotion budget
  6. Continuous growth of SMM specialist

Nevertheless, I would like to highlight a few points that should be paid attention to automotive brands, distributors and other companies in this field. Instagram is another channel of communication with the client. Make it special and you will never regret the time and money spent on it.

  1. The profile of your local company should not duplicate the profile of the main account of the global brand. The local profile should be based on its own content, only occasionally duplicating the news of the main account, for example, in story.
  1. A company account should not duplicate a site. It’s easy to switch to a lighter live wave and tonality accepted on Instagram, if you consider the profile on Instagram as “unofficial”, an additional entertainment channel that regularly reflects real actions, company events, but in an informal presentation.
  1. A great idea would be to attract company employees to collect content for stories. It can be bright, charismatic, friendly employees of different departments who can welcome, test, talk about the company in their own words and through their role in the company.
  1. Attract opinion leaders in the region to test drives, shoot regular content and stories based on these activities.
  1. Arrange regular activities in your profile and be sure to attach to service moments: coffee and treats for guests, tickets to events in the region, receiving additional bonuses, discounts and gifts.
  1. Arrange your own regular column, which will reflect the side of urban life: from the exchange rate, weather forecasts, traffic jams. This information is more likely to be picked up by users and even city resources if it is truthful and original.
  1. Show the backstage of your work in story. This makes not only your profile alive, but also the company itself.
  1. Be sure to use the video format for your content, regularly create IGTV. Shoot scenes not only in the company’s office, expand the scope – go to popular recognizable city locations
  1. Use tricks to customize targeted ads. If you have a high-quality customer base, you can even show some advertising messages to your specific client. Even the one and only.
  1. Working with target audiences is very careful, taking into account all the principles of gender equality, in no way hitting either men but women.
  1. Choose an interesting tonality of communication with subscribers. Original scripts will interest users and make them loyal to the brand. Even if a person is not going to buy a car from you, he can become a “brand advocate” even thanks to a single response to a comment or Direct.
  1. Use any external media and mark with links to your social networks – souvenir products, doors, completely unexpected places. An original photo zone, a mirror with a hashtag or company account name will be a great idea. Your client will take a picture of himself and carry this information to the world.

I saw and accompanied a large number of cases of automobile companies on social networks. The most successful of them were tied to people. On the head of the company, on his personal brand. On bright clients and their reviews, on stimulating the desire of customers to be noted in the location of the company and write about the company in social networks. Collaborations with famous personalities, integration, work with microinfluencers are also a strong trend.

It seems to me that at a time when environmental friendliness and reasonable consumption took a leading position on the agenda, it was becoming more and more difficult for car manufacturers and dealers to work with a mission and reputation.

Here I would recommend to study these issues in more detail and look for strengths in the company, which would more reveal the desire of the brand to make the world around a better place.

Instagram in our time can simultaneously greatly help and greatly harm the company. Train, supervise SMM-specialists. Make them full-fledged members of the company’s team, engage in the development of communication strategies, integrate into all processes, develop “my is important”.