The first 12-meter unmanned bus to enter Europe’s roads


The new 2020 year, the famous Spanish bus manufacturer Irizar began quite brightly, presenting its first unmanned bus. Today, many companies are working on an autonomous mode of transport, and some are already experiencing in many cities in Europe and beyond. However, the Irizar novelty has a distinctive feature – it is a large-class bus, which is built on the basis of the 12-meter-long Irizar ie electric bus and is designed to carry up to 60 passengers.

The Spanish Malaga will be the first European city in which the operation of a 12-meter unmanned bus will begin, and not anywhere else, but on public roads. In just a few months, the car will enter a busy route, connecting the seaport with the city center.

The Irizar ie unmanned bus will still have a driver’s seat, because the car has two control modes – manual and automatic (autopilot). The bus will use a high-precision positioning and guidance system, which is connected to a control center, from which specific instructions on particular routes can be sent in real time.


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The first autonomous bus, Irizar, was developed over three years as part of the AutoMost Projec project, funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development) under the Ministry of Economy of Spain. The Irizar Group took part in it through its division Irizar e-Mobility, a member of the Datik concern, Avanza operator together with 11 partners. The project is also supported by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Insia, CEIT-IK4 and the University of Vigo.