The fate of Russian roads is now in the hands of ordinary people


18 Dec 2019

Russian motorists can take advantage of the new mobile application State Services. Roads. ” It provides information about the alleged and already launched repairs on a particular road. You can also leave feedback on the quality of coverage there.

At the moment, the application contains information about roads included in the national project “Safe and high-quality roads” for 2019 in all regions of Russia, except Moscow and St. Petersburg (they are not among the participants of the national project). After automatically determining the user’s location using GPS / GLONASS or manually selecting an area and settlement, you can see roads that have already been repaired, are in the process of being, or will be repaired in the near future. You can also find a road section of interest at an address or select objects by distance from your location, user rating or degree of completion.

After selecting a road section, the user can see information on it, photos before and after the repair, feedback on the work done, as well as put a rating or write a review to which a photo can be attached. For each repair section, you can see the terms, contractor and customer, length . There you can leave a review and write a comment.

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