The country with the cheapest gasoline in Europe. Nearly


3 Feb 2020

The lowest fuel prices are recorded in Kazakhstan. In this country, the cost of a liter of 95th gasoline is 27.7 rubles

As for our country, we occupy second place in the ranking of European countries with the cheapest gasoline. This is stated in a study by RIA Novosti. So, on average, gasoline with an octane rating of 95 will cost 45.8 rubles in Russia. per liter. Belarus closes the top three (51 rubles). This is followed by Ukraine (71.8 rubles) and Romania (75.4 rubles).

The study also evaluated the availability of gasoline based on the average monthly income of the population. In this ranking, Russia took 17th place. So, for the average Russian salary, you can buy 884.4 liters of gasoline. The first place in this list is Luxembourg (2776.3 liters). In second place is Norway, where locals can purchase 2,251.8 liters of gasoline at an average salary.

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