The Borgward never reached Russia: the junior crossover turned out to be cheaper than the Kia Seltos


The German group Borgward was founded in 1919, it ceased to exist in 1961. A few years ago, the brand was revived, it was acquired by Foton – the cargo division of the “celestial” concern BAIC. By the spring of 2018, the range already included three models: crossovers BX5, BX6 (“coupe”) and BX7.

Of course, China has become the main market, because the main production is located there. At the same time, the expansion of Europe, Russia and the Middle East was planned. Moreover, they wanted to assemble Borgward cars in the historical homeland of the brand (in Bremen), as well as in our country. Before that, the Chinese managed to import and sell a small batch of BX7 in Germany. But even in the Middle Kingdom, Borgward was received coolly, although they like brands with history: the best year was 2017, when 44,380 units were sold – crumbs for the largest market on the planet. As a result, at the end of last year, Foton sold a controlling stake in Borgward to the local company UCAR Group ( talked about the deal earlier), continuing to produce cars on its own site.

It is curious that after the change of ownership, the demand for SUVs increased: according to CarSalesBase, in January-November 2019 in China, 41 348 customers stopped choosing brand models – 35% more than a year earlier. To develop success, the novelty is called – the BX3 crossover, the cheapest in the range. This SUV was ready last year, but due to unrest within the company, it is being launched only now.

“X-third” is not only the most affordable, but also the smallest in the Borgward line, its length is 4410 mm, width – 1830 mm, height – 1670 mm, wheelbase – 2560 mm. For comparison, the dimensions of the Borgward BX5, previously bearing the title of “junior” SUV: 4490/1877/1675 mm, the distance between the axles – 2685 mm.

The appearance of the BX3 is made in the corporate style of Borgward, the cross received a family radiator grille with vertical “wedges” and exterior mirrors on separate legs. For new items provided two-tone body color. Inside, the model copies the older brothers BX5 and BX6, curtsy towards youth – bright inserts on the seats and the front panel. As standard, there are a pair of airbags, rear parking sensors, a lift assistance system, air conditioning, an electronic differential lock and an electric power tailgate. The top versions include a virtual “tidy”, all-round cameras, safety curtains, climate control, a sunroof, as well as an application for a smartphone through which you can control some functions of the machine.

The engine switched from the BX5 – this is a 1.4-liter gas turbo four with a power of 150 hp, which is paired with a six-speed “mechanics” or “automatic”. Drive – front only.

The price of Borgward BX3 is in the range from 96,800 to 130,800 yuan, which is equivalent to about 864,000 – 1,167,000 rubles at the current rate. For example, the comparable “Koreans” of the new generation Hyundai ix25 and Kia KX3 (that is, Kreta and Seltos) in China cost between 105,800 and 108,800 yuan, respectively (944,000 and 971,000 rubles).

Borgward is unlikely to think about foreign factories now, besides, starting from January 1, 2020, the ATU car service network that services the imported BX7 will stop working with the brand (a Luxembourg company will be responsible for the service).

As for Russia, last year Borgward BX7 was certified for us, OTTS is valid until January 17, 2021. And recently it turned out that in Russia they also patented the design of the BX3. However, this does not mean at all that the brand decided to enter our market – the design of their cars in different countries is protected by many automakers, not going to sell them there later. And the time for the development of the Russian market is clearly not the best, so we can not wait for Borgward cars.


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