The best compact crossover of 2020 in Ukraine


Today, crossovers are one of the most popular car classes in Ukraine. They are loved for their high landing, capacity and, of course, the best cross-country ability on our roads. Recently, when choosing a particular model, buyers have increasingly become interested in efficiency. And here, a kind of middle ground are compact crossovers, which are initially sold for less money than their older counterparts, and plus this allows you to get a lot of benefits during operation.

On February 12, in Kiev, the final of the campaign “Car of the Year in Ukraine 2020” was held, in which automobile journalists actively tested and compared 25 cars of different classes and brands, and after that they cast their vote for a particular applicant. Everyone could also influence the outcome, leaving a vote for their favorite. In the end, all the points were summed up and, according to these results, the Lexus UX was recognized as the best car of 2020 in the category “Best Compact Crossover”.

Winner in the nomination “Best compact crossover”

Lexus UX

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