The best car video of 2019


No material with the best videos for the whole year, of course, can do without Ken Block. This year he pleased us with the second episode of the Klaimbhana series (the first part can be viewed at this link). The rider drove along the famous Chinese serpentine called the “Road of 99 turns”, also known as the “road to heaven”. It is located on Tianmen Mountain and leads to the natural gate “Heaven’s Gate”, whose height reaches almost 132 meters.

Drift x2

Russian drifters Arkady Tsaregradtsev and Sergey Kabargin epically drove their own-designed Flanker F supercars in the center of St. Petersburg. Prior to that, they drove along the frozen Baikal in the same cars – there they arranged a pair drift on ice at a speed of 246 kilometers per hour as part of the Baikal Mile festival. The video from this event can be viewed at this link.

Clash of the Titans

Another no less epic battle is Eduard Nikolaev on a KamAZ bonnet truck against drift champion Mike Widdett on the Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2. According to the plot, the main goal of the race was one single parking space, which was supposed to go to the winner. However, the outcome of the racing duel is not as obvious as it seems.

Everything is like NFS

In Rostov-on-Don, the Need for Speed ​​game was recreated in real life, bringing together several real sports cars. The movie starred Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline R34, Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII and VW Golf IV.

Escape plan

BMW made a short film in which it told how in 1964 a resident of Berlin, Klaus-Gunter Jacobi, helped his friend escape from East Germany to West Berlin on a modernized BMW Isetta minicar.

Still cool

A beautiful video featuring the best Italian sports cars of the 1960s – Lamborghini Miura S and Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 Daytona. Car drivers were Valentino Balboni, a former Lambo factory tester, and Arturo Merzario, a former Formula 1 driver. Pilots and their cars met half a century later, again arranging races and making sure that both they and their cars were still cool.

To the Gates of Hell

It was absolutely impossible not to include the trip of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov (on an off-road car of his own design, by the way) to the “Gates of Hell” in the list of best videos. So the locals call the burning gas crater of Darvaz, whose diameter reaches 60 meters and a depth of 20 meters. Earlier, Berdimuhamedov had already drifted on a BMW, remade SUVs and even presented Cadillac Escalade to farmers.


The team of Formula 1 Red Bull was able to do the incredible – to conduct a pit stop of the car in zero gravity at an altitude of 10 thousand meters. This must be seen!

The most miserable Fiat

In this video, the saddest car in the world is Fiat Multipla, which belonged to the man-meme “Harold hiding the pain” (aka Andras Arato from Hungary). He decided to get rid of his car by selling it to drifter Oliver Amon, who immediately decided to see what she was capable of.

Record holder

Volkswagen ID.R electric sports prototype set the Nürburgring North Loop record by driving an almost 21-kilometer long track for an insane 6 minutes 05.336 seconds – 40.564 seconds faster than reaching the Chinese electric supercar Nio EP9. At the same time, the track’s absolute record is still far – in 2018, the Leman super hybrid Porsche 919 Hybrid EVO drove the Ring in 5 minutes 19.546 seconds.


This may not be the best video of the year, but you can endlessly look at three things: fire, water and how two-meter Shaquille O’Neal is trying to squeeze into a tiny Smart.

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