Tesla will not be able to certify Cybertruck in Europe


Teller focuses on the difference between security requirements in the USA and Europe: in the New World, manufacturers have the opportunity to certify the model as a road model themselves, and, for example, in Germany it is necessary to involve government agencies and independent experts like SGS-TÜV. The main problem of Cybertrack is the rigid external panels. Since they are made of stainless steel, it is impossible to deform them in a collision with a pedestrian.

And from here a second problem arises: the forces acting on passengers during the accident, due to the impossibility of deformation, will be so great that even airbags will become useless. Teller comes to the conclusion that the basic concept of Cybertrack does not comply with the European philosophy of safety and a pickup truck can go on the road only after the manufacturer “changes its design quite seriously”.


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