Tesla will develop cars specifically for Europe


27 Jan 2020

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Tesla Motors intends to open a new design center in Europe, where they will develop cars mainly for the local market.

According to preliminary data, the design center will be opened at the new company Gigafabrika 4, which they began to build near Berlin. Tesla is currently designing its cars in Hawthorne, California. Franz von Holzhausen, who has been working at Tesla since the advent of Model 3, is responsible for the exterior of the cars. Previously, the specialist worked at Volkswagen, Pontiac, Saturn and Mazda.

Earlier, the head of Tesla, Ilon Musk, announced his intention to open a new research center in the PRC, where, among other things, a completely new model will be created, designed not only for China, but also for other regions. It is assumed that this will be a compact city hatchback.

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