Tesla steals water from Germany


20 Jan 2020

On Saturday, mass protests took place on the outskirts of Berlin. More than three hundred citizens took to the streets, boycotting the construction of a new Tesla plant

People can be understood, since the construction of the factory would jeopardize the water supply and wildlife in the area. “We are here, we are loud because Tesla is stealing our water,” Automotive News Europe quoted the protesters as saying. The Saturday protest took place after the Brandenburg Water Association on Thursday warned of “serious and long-term problems with drinking water and wastewater treatment” for the proposed plant.

Statements by environmentalists are also interesting, such as Ann Bach, a 27-year-old environmental activist, who said Tesla’s plans earlier this month showed that more than 300 cubic meters of water per hour would be needed, which would deplete the region’s declining reserves. “I am not against Tesla. But we are talking about a place in a forest zone, which is a protected natural area. It’s necessary?”

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