Tesla revolutionizes traditional car controls


eleven Feb 2020

Tesla has patented an innovative steering wheel that combines automatic transmission control functions. The American manufacturer intends to change the usual controls: bring the touch panel for selecting driving modes to the lower spoke of the steering wheel. In addition, the physical buttons are planned to be replaced with touchpads.

In the description of the Tesla application in the American Patent Office, it is said that it is planned to place illuminated indicators for activating the parking, reverse, neutral, or motion modes in the lower part of the steering wheel. This configuration will completely abandon the transmission selector.

Using touchpads with the ability to scroll allows the driver to control the multimedia system, activate the autopilot system or enable the voice recognition function, based on tactile sensations. Tesla believes that the touch panels are more variable than the “physical” buttons, so the driver will be able to intuitively adjust all the necessary parameters without taking his eyes off the road, and his hands from the steering wheel.

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