Tesla recalls Model X crossovers


The reason Tesla decided to recall Model X crossovers is because of possible problems with the power steering. As a result, driving will become difficult and may even trigger an accident. The review will include crossovers of the 2016 model year, which came off the assembly line until mid-October. Electric vehicles released later will not affect this problem.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation Canada explained that the bolts in the power steering design are subject to excessive corrosion. In addition, deicing agents can be detrimental to them when it comes to countries with cold climates.

To date, there is not a single accident that could be caused by problems with the power steering in the Tesla Model X. Recall that we are talking about 14 193 cars in the USA and 843 in Canada.

Work on the replacement of the necessary parts, as well as the steering mechanism, will be performed at the automaker’s service centers for free. Tesla promises that the owner of each crossover that fell under the review will be contacted in advance and offered to come to the service center. But this will happen only after all the necessary details are available.