Tesla Cybertruck pickup will have a competitor


General Motors is steadily increasing the pace of electrification and reorienting its production sites. This time, GM announced an electric pickup and showed a teaser. Another piece of news was the reorientation of the D-HAM plant in Detroit. Now he will produce battery cars.

The company will invest in the plant a tidy sum – about $ 2.2 billion. General Motors goes to such expenses not only for the new pickup, but also for the recently introduced Cruise Origin drone. In addition, other future GM electric models will be assembled at the plant.

“With these investments, GM will take a big step forward, turning the dreams of an all-electric future into reality,” said General Motors President Mark Royce. He also noted that he would be the first battery model to be put on the conveyor in the near future. They plan to start its production in the second half of 2021.

Unlike the main competitor Tesla Cybertruck, the pickup will be less futuristic. The preliminary price tag will be about $ 90 thousand.

They will spend $ 800 million to start the conveyor and partial equipment. This amount will be used for the re-equipment of workshops, machine tools and other equipment. About 2.3 billion will be spent on the production of battery cells in Lordstown. From them will collect batteries for all future electric cars GM.