Tesla Cybertruck: all about the main premiere of 2019


At the end of the year, which was simply oversaturated with various premieres, we recall the non-revived Supra, not the Taycan, which became the first electric model in the conservative Porsche line, and the pen test in the design car segment from Renault in the form of cross- Coupe Arkana. No, the world continues to discuss precisely Cybertruck, who managed to overshadow everything that the global auto industry has been producing lately. We decided not to stand aside and remember what struck everyone so the most unusual concept from the California brand.

The fact that Tesla is going to launch a pickup on the market has been known for a long time. Elon Musk, in his usual manner, posted on his Twitter not very informative, but rather intriguing teasers. The appearance of the pickup until the last moment remained a mystery (perhaps even for the Tesla itself). In 2017, Musk showed a sketch of the future pickup, which was essentially a smaller copy of the Semitruck tractor. He looked like this:


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