Tesla cars began to accelerate without the participation of drivers & nbsp


Complaints are being checked that Tesla’s cars are gaining speed without drivers, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.
We are talking about 500 thousand electric cars Model S, released in 2012–2019, Model X, released in 2016–2019, and Model 3, released in 2018–2019, reports TASS.
The 127 complaints received concern 123 cars and 110 accidents, 52 of which have injuries.
The review of complaints should establish whether a formal hearing is necessary.
In October, a Tesla driver burned alive in a car due to automatic doors.
In August, on the Moscow Ring Road, a Tesla car crashed and exploded when it was driving on autopilot and did not recognize a broken car in front of it.
In the spring, the Tesla automaker, owned by the American entrepreneur Ilon Mask, reported a loss of $ 702 million in the first quarter of 2019.
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